WCPT 2017: Men’s Health Physiotherapy, From Coventry to Cape Town !


Proud to be taking part in the  1st  Focused Symposium at WCPT 2017 on Men’s Health Physiotherapy and I will be joining world leading experts such as Dr Ruth Jones ( UK ) Prof Paul Hodges ( Australia ) Joanne Millios ( Australia ) and Somto Nwankwo ( Nigeria). We are hoping to highlight the global problems within Men’s health that Physios have an important role in and to launch it as a new frontier .

Focused Symposium on Men’s Health Physiotherapy

Somto Nwankwo Nigeria


But what is Men’s Health Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapists, health professionals and patients may lots  about Women’s Health Physiotherapy as we all know someone who has had a baby and we all probably have had a relative or friend who has had gynaecological surgery. Both groups will have possibly seen a Specialist women’s Health Physio. This is another very specialised area of Physiotherapy that is possibly less well known. The key areas of practice within Men’s Health are

  1. Prostatectomy: Urinary Incontinence , Erectile dysfunction
  2. Male  Pelvic Pain
  3. Sexual Dysfunction to include Erectile Dysfunction, Ejaculatory pain or painful sex
  4. Athletic Pelvic Dysfunction : Groin pain with perineal symptoms +/_ urinary dysfunction
  5. Faecal Incontinence post colorectal surgery

To get a real feel of the scope of practice of Men’s Health Physiotherapy listen to the Dr Ruth Jones and Bill Taylor Podcast recorded by the MACP

Dr Ruth Jones Hampshire UK

MACP Podcast on Men’s Health Physiotherapy

Why do we need a Focused Symposium at WCPT 2017??? There is general agreement that Men’s Health Physiotherapy is 20 years behind women’s health physiotherapy in terms of research , Don’t take my word for it listen to Prof Paul Hodges instead

Prof Paul Hodges

Prof Paul Hodges Australian Physio Assoc Men’s Health Podcast

Social Media
Men’s Health physios can be hard to locate and have a tendency to work either alone or with a very small peer group. The Men’s Health Physiotherapy Facebook group set up by Jo Millios has grown to about 1000 MH physios and professionals interested in this topic so join in the conversation. It has some of the world’s leading Physios posting and sharing. Join us


Twitter has also played a huge part in building a Men’s Health community and spreading the message that Men’s Health Physio can play a huge part in mainly conditions. Check out this tweetchat run by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Jo Millios. Here is the transcript that will give you access to some great physios on twitter


How can I follow the WCPT Focused Symposium ?

The FS will have lots of twitter activity from @WCPT1951 , @drruthcjones @prostatejojo @gerardgreenephy

What should I start to read on Men’s Health Physiotherapy ?
This is very much a personal choice but resources that I have personally found useful and all of the authors have invested a lot of time as strong advocates for MH Physiotherapy.

Jo Millios Perth Western Australia

Joanne Millios Site

Dr Ruth Jones Men’s Health Resources


Dr Grace Dorey: Seminal paper on Physiotherapy and Erectile Dysfunction

Peter Dornan: Pelvic Pain

Peter Dornan: Conquering Incontinence

Suzanne Chambers: Facing The Tiger

Craig Allingham : Men’s Action Plan

Chaitow & Jones : Chronic Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction


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