The Value and Application of Psychological Tools in Physiotherapy Practice

Psychological tools  are increasingly relevant within physiotherapy practice.  Coventry University 3rd year students attend a four hour seminar on these tool within a core module. They are introduced to a variety of tools : Cognitive behavioural therapy, Socratic Questioning, Graded Exposure, patient centred Goal Setting . It is proposed that clinical experience then gives opportunity to develop and embed  these skills for the management of complex  presentations.

Education in PIP and collaboration with practice educators  could enhance development of our future practice to include holistic professionals capable of managing our complex patient population.

A focus group research study was conducted last year with six final year students. This demonstrated that PIP education provides students with valuable skills which can further develop on placement. Integration of PIP into practice needs though a supportive environment including time to reflect, educators support and MDT experience. Confidence and ongoing skills develop with exposure to complexity, ongoing CPD courses, employer support, and team working.

Physiotherapy students holding their graded exposure plans after the PIP seminar

“Knowing the tools raises awareness…if we didn’t know about these (from university) then we’d just focus on the physical issues…and we wouldn’t think about these psychological factors at all “

The research will be presented at the CSP 2019 Conference with the format of a poster presentation

Kate Dolan Senior Lecturer, Coventry University

Glykeria Skamagki Senior Lecturer, Coventry University