Sean Lowton-Smith : Physical Activity at the European Region World Congress of Physiotherapy 2016

Physical Activity at the European Region World Congress of Physiotherapy 2016 : Liverpool November 2016


On behalf of my colleagues I had the privilege to present our research findings on physical activity and obesity in children from low socioeconomic areas. It was an excellent opportunity, to network with fellow Physiotherapists from 57 countries around the world. I was delighted to see so much excellent research throughout this event, particularly in the public health/prevention category, which I attended most frequently.

The highlight of the event has to be the congress dinner, which concluded with the Mersey Beatles playing classics from the Fab Four. I can honestly say that I have never seen a dance floor fill up instantaneously, nor people dancing either side of it. From a physical activity point of view this was pleasing, especially after a day spent with long periods of sitting down.

Anna Lowe offered an interesting solution to reduce sitting time when chairing the session, with obligatory standing ovations. The only downside to this is not knowing if our research was as well received as the applause suggested. It would be nice to see this practice widely adopted in all conferences, no matter what the subject.


Finally I would like to thank WCPT, my colleagues, the children, their parents and teachers as without them presenting this research would not be possible.

For detail on the research project the abstract can be found at:

Full presentation slides are available for download at:


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