When an UG dissertation can be turned into a conference poster!

Excellent news for one of our ex-third year students as his project from has been accepted for a poster presentation at the XVII Isokinetic Medical Group Conference in Barcelona. Evagoras Christofi has been looking into Dynamic taping in Gaellic female footballers-an area tha has not been researched so far!

“Lots of effort and time has gone into developing this project, and being accepted to present it as a poster in such a big conference shows that hard work does pay off. I would like to thank all the lecturers and staff members for all their help and support through the project, with special thanks to my supervisor Glykeria. I would highly recommend all students to take opportunities like these to work closely with the staff with the aim of publishing or presenting their project to the world”, says Evagoras.

Effects of dynamic patellar taping within Gaelic football players-a feasibility study. Coventry University-Physiotherapy Department, Coventry, United Kingdom


The use of Dynamic Tape (DT) has become increasingly popular within physiotherapy practice due to its effects on both healthy and injured population. Dynamic Tape is described as the “Biomechanical tape”, aiming to manage load, movement patterns, enhance muscle work and joint movement (McNeill and Pedersen 2016). The main goal of sports medicine is injury prevention. Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a common complaint in football players and is characterised by various biomechanical alterations, such as an unnatural pull to the patella and the femoral trochlear notch or a change in the quadriceps angle (Kwon et al. 2014). Dynamic balance control is a key component of most daily and sports activities which can also be affected by PFPS or other biomechanical changes in the area (Citaker et al. 2011). In addition, females have been found to be more likely to develop PFPS due to their higher Q-angle (Mizuno et al. 2001).  However, little is known on balance ability of athletes with or without PFPS. This is the first stage a feasibility study to investigate DT on dynamic balance when applied to the Patellofemoral joint within Gaelic football population. In this stage, the aim of our study was to investigate the effects of DT on healthy Gaelic footballers. No previous studies have investigated effect of Dynamic tape on the Patellofemoral joint in Female Gaelic Football.


“We appreciate the effort that our students put into their projects and Evagoras has worked with passion in this.  We are excited to present in Barcelona this year and i am very proud for him as he has been a great student. I hope this will inspire more students to get involved with conferences and research”, says his Project supervisor Glykeria Skamagki

  • Evagoras Christofi has graduated from Coventry University in 2017 and currently he is doing an MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine at University of Nottingham.
  • Glykeria Skamagki is a Senior lecturer in Physiotherapy at Coventry University.